Videos & Performances:

Papa Mars & The Lovenotes

featuring Grady Harrell with Pete Peterkin,

Tal Pearsall and Felix Bonet

"A Love Song For My Baby"

Felix sings "Remember Then" and Little Bruno Mars

performs with his uncles and Dad as Little Elvis. 

Peter Hernandez and The Lovenotes are

inducted into the Doo Wop Hall of Fame.


Song clips of Felix's live

and recorded Performances.


Felix sings a beautiful song in Japanese

Below sound track produced, written,

performed and recorded by LIGHTBEINGS 

w/some photos of The Lovenotes:


Below The Lovenotes sing an original song called

"Doo Woppin in paradise"


Live at the Honolulu Club: Felix sings

with The Fabulous Tradewinds.

Turn your love around


Its alright


Boogie Down


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Felix Bonet

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer

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Dagmar Bonet


Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Manager

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