Lightbeings - Dagmar and Felix Bonet

Dagmar R.H. Bonet

Born in Austria and lived most of her life in Japan. Dagmar is a certified Floral Designer and Interior Decorator. Dagmar is a connoisseur of fine dining, an artist, music producer, and student of high life. She studied with a chef in her family, while in her teens, and prepared many fine dishes working in a family owned business in her hometown. Having that background Dagmar feels her music is also a blend of different sounds from around the world.

In 2001 while in the hospital recovering from cancer, she wrote many poems and some songs. One of the poems was about Hawaii.  After meeting Felix at Down to Earth health food store, they collaborated on a song, which became “We all love it here in paradise”.

Felix Bonet

Felix was born in New York and studied music at the Universities of Hawaii and Texas. He sings, plays percussion and performs throughout the islands of Hawaii, mainland U.S.A., Japan and Europe. Felix fell in love with vocal harmony at 7 years old when he heard “The Harptones” sing “Memories of you” while sitting under the Zenith hide-away phonograph at his older cousins birthday party. He learned harmony in the Glee club at school and with friends doing street corner singing where ever they could find an echo.  His vocal influences include Stevie Wonder and Gabby Pahinui.

Felix continues to do Radio, T.V. programs and commercials, in Hawaii and Japan. Felix enjoys performing as a vocalist, soloist or a back up musician and has the pleasure of singing and sharing the stage with Hawaiian and Mainland artist such as Robert Shinoda, Danny Kaleikini, John Rowles, Melvin Leed, Jeff Apaka and the Village Serenaders, Glen Medeiros, Henry Kopono, Wade Cambern, Bryan Kessler, Randy Lorenzo, Crystal Gale, Stevie Wonder, Bill Summers, Peter Hernandez Sr., Bruno Mars, and is proud to have shared the stage with Hawaiian icons such as Don Ho, Loyal Garner, Gabby Pahinui, and many others. Some of the local group names Felix performed and is performing with are Genesis, BS+2, Greenwood, Brentwood, Hum Ha Jam, TomaNatto, JO-AL, Nueva Vida, JetstreamThe Lovenotes, (inducted into the Doo Wopp Hall of Fame) and The Fabulous Tradewinds. Being a “Newyorican” gives him an appreciation for Latin music. Not forsaking his roots Felix has performed with several latin groups such as Arny Reyes Tropical Combo featuring Sandy Sukiyama and others.

Like Dagmar, Felix has a love for the outdoors, and shares many hours with her in the mountains and at organics farms.

Felix and Dagmar love to dance. While composing “I’m so glad” Felix and Dagmar introduced elements of Funk, Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Pop. Other songs they are working on are a blend of other influences such as Asian, Latin, Hip Hop and Rap music. This is the reason for calling their style Fusion. Dagmar and Felix have enjoyed there collaborative efforts tremendously, and continue to spend many hours working on their first joy. . .

Felix and Dagmar would like to send a special Aloha to Mr. and Mrs. Strasser, Mr. and Mrs. Sonson and Mr. and Mrs. Nix.