Dagmar and Felix performed all the vocals, orchestrated, arranged and composed the lyrics and music for “Love” Lightbeings music is dedicated to lifting the spirit of all of those who hear our music. "Love" discribes what many people are talking about. They insist that the end is near. Yet no one truely knows except our creator. As humble and grateful beings we continue to learn all we can. Someone very special to us wrote: "From heaven we came and to heaven we will return" Our focus is loving, and caring for ourselves in peace and joy while seeking the same for others.

Thanks and much Aloha to:

Pacific Music Production Kit Ebersbach 808-521-0767

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    LOVE 3:51

I'm so glad


Dagmar and Felix performed all the vocals, orchestrated, arranged and composed the lyrics and music for “I’m so glad”. Felix and Dagmar love to dance, and while composing “I’m so glad” they introduced elements of Funk, Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Pop. Other songs they are working on are a blend of other influences such as Asian, Latin, Hip Hop and Rap music. This is the reason for calling their style Fusion. Thanks and much Aloha to: Westside Music Ron Ravelo 808-676-8008 Pacific Music Production Kit Ebersbach 808-521-0767

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We all love here in paradise


Written, Arranged and Produced by Dagmar Bonet & Felix Bonet

Felix Bonet Vocals, Percussion, Sequencing and Programing
John Valentine Ukelele, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass. Percussion, Vocals, and Engineer Mastered at Studio Valentine Bill Reardon Vocals Steve Sakamaki Guitar and Ukelele Charlie Sakamaki Background Vocals Dagmar Bonet Background Vocals

Nixpac Singers: Valerie Jean Arucan Abigayle Imajen Lavaro Macy McCutcheon Jaycee Desaki Micha Kealoha Erick V. Cunanan

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Felix Bonet

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician

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Dagmar Bonet

Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Manager

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Lightbeings music


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Dagmar preparing "The Lovenotes Herbal Pasta Salad

with "Lemon Song Sass" our own original salad dressing.


Dagmar with a clip of The Lovenotes "Doo Woppin in Paradise" featuring Felix Bonet on lead vocal

I've had the honor to perform with some of the best musicians in the world here in Hawaii, enjoy.

The Lovenotes show opens for Bruno Mars, Moonshine Jungle Tour

Back Stage at Blaisdell Arena                                                    

Felix, Bruno Mars and Dagmar                  Peter, Felix, Dagmar and Eric

(Eric is Bruno Mars's older brother and drummer) 

Peter, Eric and Felix go back around four decades with The Lovenotes Show.  


Nueva Vida

One of Hawaii's top Jazz Fusion/Pop bands: Felix Bonet (Lead vocals/percussion), Phil Bennett (drums), Arex Ikehara (bass), Allen Leong (Lead vocals/piano), Alex Murzyn (sax) and Robert Shinoda (guitar) Read more.

Performed Live at Andrews Amphitheater recorded by Randy Bauske early 80"s



Brain Kessler, Bill Grannis, Wade Cambern, Felix Bonet, and Tony Gillis 

Check out "Loving each other' performed live. in Kauai mid 80's


B.S. + 2

Check out "Living in harmony" Recorded live at "Dave Jones Locker" in Waikiki early 70's






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5:48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.


Taui Network 

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Gospel of Peace: And Jesus answered: "Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the law is life, whereas the scripture is more

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